Serving Eastern Nova Scotia since 1993

Serving Eastern Nova Scotia since 1993

We believe business moves at the speed of its documents. This said, we also believe the acquisition and ongoing operation of an organizations’ print fleet can range from being merely a thankless task to a time consuming and budget crippling endeavor.

welcome imageDespite advances in technology and the movement to reduce paper, the cost to print is increasing in real terms. This complicates decision making with regards to how to print.

Our goal at ICR is to make it easy. We are experts at providing solutions that are the right size for your office, workgroup, or enterprise. We always strive to maximize functionality while minimizing operating costs.

Print Smarter!

34 years in an industry allows the development of a unique perspective. Changes in technology and society have let us to print less, but print differently.

Industry pundits believe 9 out of 10 SMB’s have no clue what their true cost to print a document is. No surprise here, after all it is a moving target. Every machine, every application carries a different cost both fixed & variable. Even the type of font you use can make a huge difference. Is the cost to print number significant? Absolutely, but probably not to the point where one would divert management time or assign a team of accountants to boil it down to where a set of rules could mitigate it.

One thing we’ve learned in almost 30 years as a dealer is that it is much easier and impactful on our bottom line to reduce a cost as opposed to attempting to increase revenue to offset that cost.

That’s where ICR comes in. Our business is designed with the goal to help our customers “Print Smarter!” Sometimes this goal only requires a few little painless tweaks. Other times it can involve changing equipment or processes at the enterprise level. Whatever it is, rest assured we’ve been there and done that. ICR will help and we will save you time and money.

We have done our homework! We supply and support many different product brands in an effort to ensure the right solution for your particular application.

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